Scientific Research

Fighting Global Disease

Research in the natural world’s potential in the healthcare field has never been more essential to mankind’s survival than in the present day. With the incidences of diseases like cancer, diabetes, and autism rising each year, we must find innovative ways to solve these growing global health crises. The neem tree has shown immense potential… read more »

Beauty Inspired by Nature

Beauty is a natural reflection of health and wellbeing; therefore any product that promises beauty must bring overall health to our body. Nature has always excelled in providing the nutrition, vitamins, minerals and solutions the body needs for comprehensive sustenance. Many plants and flowers, seeds and trees have provided medicines to treat, cure and prevent… read more »

What Does the Future Hold for Neem?

The neem tree’s versatility is driving the incursion of this fast growing crop in new and diverse industries. Owing to its more than 200 bioactive compounds the neem is showing promise in providing safe, natural solutions to a wide range of issues across the board, thus reaffirming its status as the UN’s ‘Tree of the… read more »

A Paradigm Shift in Agriculture

  The underlying fundamentals for agribusiness remain unchanged – an expanding global population, a drastic shift towards protein-intensive diets in emerging economies and the increasing popularity of healthy food produced in a resource-efficient way. After almost a decade of impressive growth, with soaring prices and rising demand for food-based commodities around the world, agribusiness and… read more »