Privacy Statement

Neempedia is founded on a simple and powerful principle: we acquire more knowledge together than we can do alone. By gathering, sharing and analyzing information we are able to increase the global awareness of the marvellous neem tree and make this encyclopaedia more useable, informative and beneficial for users around the world.

We believe that all should have access to the free knowledge movement and therefore you do not have to provide any personal information to access the content on Neempedia. Of course, if you would like to become a registered contributor of Neempedia please feel free to do so and share your knowledge with the world.

Once you sign up we will never sell or rent your personal information, nor will we give it to any third parties. We use it to determine how Neempedia can become more engaging and accessible, to see which ideas work, to make learning and contributing more fun for the user.

Put simply: we use this information to make Neempedia better for you.